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Hello  again,

My name is, Stephen Blaney and I am presently based at, Anfield, Liverpool, England, UK. I have been practising as a webmaster and SEO consultant, plus web designer and copywriter, ever since 2008 or for almost 12 years now.

Prior to this, I was a self-employed ice-cream retailer. I was forced to sell my van and well-established round after my 32-year-old partner became a fatality of asthma. Even though I most obviously have been in shock, I still managed to gather my business acumen and learn about facts normal people didn't generally care for or most people have somewhat overlooked.

At this time our son, Jamie was just aged 11. The ice-cream industry could often end the day later than 10:00pm.      I realised immediately that the optimum and most practical choice would be a home-based business. At the onset I struggled, however with endurance, tolerance and persistence,  I managed to design my first website - which was reliant on a third-party, drop ship distributor.

It was at this point that I developed a very strong passion to understand all there is to learn about SEO. Backlinks building and submitting, article creation and spinning, the power of proxy IP addresses and captcha solvers. Plus, the overall SEO configuration of web pages and the significance of keywords, along with where and how to display and utilise keywords to their premium added values.

You may well be asking yourself 'If he has such developer, webmaster and SEO knowledge, why is his website still a new project?' A very important and highly relevant question. Well, before our project, I had created and managed domain - Offering clients similar services as this site. I managed for over 4 years or from July 2012, until the end of November 2016.

Before I managed domain although on site logo db referred to Double-Barrel solutions. This was for services  now provided had outgrown the domain  title insert, 'Double-Barrel Solutions.' As I now provided many solutions and had began hiring. I knew I needed to register a domain that proved more apt to the additional B2B admin team I was now reflecting. Plus, revealing the person responsible to clients.

From 2009 to 2012 I managed domain MaxWebHostUK as web hosting was the very first eCommerce solution that I provided. However, I also outgrew this domain after just 3 years. Since I've lost my partner during 2008, I just can't fix myself into a regular sleep pattern. I can often work for over 24 and up to 36 hours or until I crash out. And, I'll sleep for up to 12 hours then begin again, until I burn out again.

Kelly, from our Superb-Seven ~ Senior Admin Team, has been appointed to create our Ste-B-B2B promotional email content. She is also a highly talented wordsmith and includes Kelly's Moment a regular adage towards the footer of her highly talented, totally engaging and hugely converting email marketing content. Kelly, was also a former high school English teacher.

Thanks ever so much for viewing our 'About' page, anything else you need to know just click 'Contact - Here' or on the sidebar or header menus above or click my email link provided below. Don't forget to view our team below our About Page sponsor, Traffic Travis Free All-in-One SEO Multi-Tools.

Stephen Blaney 

Hi again. I do realise how I require no further introduction to you following highlighting myself above. I've created my profile lastly out of our Senior Admin. The additional  Senior Admin Team below are in no type of importance order - as all of our Senior Admin Team hold an equality of importance. Sarah is the Ste-B2B Live Chat Support default host. Sarah is qualified to support any of our Internet Marketing Solutions - she is also authorised to provide unlimited bonuses on any orders. Contact any of our Senior Admin Team through the email address they post in their profile below. You could always also contact myself personally here:


Hi there, I'm Kelly Diaz 28yo. I'm currently divorced, although I'm not currently looking for a regular boyfriend  I joined Stephen's Team during July 2008 or almost 12 years ago. I was also Stephen's lost partners best friend. I'm capable of managing all Ste-B-B2B admin duties and also provide Live chat as a Support Angel. I'm highly Spiritual and a Spellcaster. I've known Ste-B since the 1990s and we only live 2 minutes walk from each other. I love working here qnd wouldn't ever want to work anywhere else. What would You Rather Be...                    ... Or, a WASP?            I can be contacted via my email:                                                       Message me today or see if I'm the available host on our Live Chat widget at the footer of each published page!

Hi all!! I'm 28yo Isabel Carter. I'm known to my family, friends and now yourself as, Issie. I have been  a Consultant Webmaster since 2012. Recently, during August 2019 I was promoted to work with Stephen on the 20+ SEO & Digital Marketing Campaigns, he usually manages personally. Stephen will still be managing his personal campaigns, although my job will be to send clients any updates emails, plus reports. I also host our Live Chat Support whenever Chat is available. I shall still be working with general SEO & Digital Marketing Campaigns with our Senior Admin Team. Ste-B himself told us to keep this profile text content within the same dimensions of our profile pic. Here's to hoping I keep to Stephen's instruction!

Hey-Peeps! My name is Jodie Fisher and I'm 26yo. Stephen is the tallest of our Teams at 6ft3in, I land closely at being joint-2nd tallest at 6ft2in. I'm an SEO Expert. My daily duties for Ste-B2B include the Setup of Onsite/Offsite SEO Campaigns. Preparing, publishing and issuing Onsite/Offsite SEO Reports. This is all very timely work with often a 12hr shift seemingly passing-by as if just 4-5hrs have passed. I joined Ste-B2B during 2011 at age 18. I was still very much a career misfit at the time. Then Ste-B sponsored me to attend university when I became interested in knowing all areas of Onsite/Offsite SEO. Be sure to email me to manage your website/blog/app and/or video Onsite &/or Offsite SEO Campaigns.

HOLA? I'm 29yo Joel Barton. I started with Ste-B2B of July 2015. I joined our Senior Admin Team during 2017. Ste-B only ever hires an Optimistically Positive Team. I only began here as occasional Offsite SEO Freelancing. I've loved every minute since day one! Stephen is so laid-back it's a small wonder he doesn't get stressed with his position, as he manages 50+ General Admin and 8 Senior Admin. He also knows how to manage each Team Department Vocations. Kelly and Isabella are the only 2 from 60+ staff  to also understand the work roles of each department. As in my profile pic, I'm forever nursing a cushion or pillow. It's really unladylike to sit opened legs-akimbo.

Hi, Matey? I'm Sarah Collins aged 23. I first began with Ste-B2B Junior Admin Team, during 2015. I was promoted to join our Senior Admin Team in 2017. I'm now Ste-B's PA or Personal Assistant, along with being his Secretary. I'm also Stephen's driver. This sounds as if lots of hard work but somedays I spend under an hour. In compensation for Ste-B I volunteered to always monitor Live Chat in between. I understand and am qualified to offer advice for Ste-B2B many campaigns packages. Contact me on Live Chat Support today or through my email:

Hi All? I'm Emma Hughes and at just aged 22, I'm the youngest member of our Senior Admin Team. My daily duties for Ste-B2B are mainly involved in the processing of orders, various traffic types setup and publishing/issuing reports to our Offsite SEO Clients. Really, I'm a cheat and went directly to our Senior Admin Team, as Ste-B's daughter whom I'm a friend of since school recommended me to her dad for the employment post I enjoy today. I wasn't any stranger to Stephen as I had met him many times whilst visiting his daughter at their home. I enjoy the daily diversities of my tasks and I'm at my most happiest whenever working. Please, look out for me and knock me on Live Chat Support if I'm the Host. Failing this I would always reply to your contact at my corporate email address:

Hi there, my name's Sherena Begum and I'm aged 33. I'm to date, the latest Member edition to our Ste-B2B Senior Admin Team.  I first joined Ste-B2B during 2014 and I've needed to wait for over 5 years to reach our Senior Admin Team. Plus, to leave our central office and since enjoy my life at our much less busy and far more peaceful head office. I'm originally from Bangladesh, Asia, although I attended school in England, UK. I can be contacted when I'm monitoring our Live Chat or through my still vacant from mail email address:                                - many thanks! Email me if you're male and you truly enjoy eating curry. I've never cared much about wealth, looks or age even. I'm a very happy and simple person. I'm not ever a money borrower, nor ever a money lender.

Hi there, I'm Vicky James, aged 33. I joined Ste-B2B Senior Admin Team during October 2019. I have been placed as Head of our Copy Writing Team. There is lots more about myself on Ste-B2B/Copy/ web page. I'm qualified to create copy content for blogs/websites; PBN Guest Posts; Press Release, Newsletters; Legal Documents; Official Letters; Any Topics Research. Plus, any additional copy content types. Before you order you should visit the link provided above or below and answer as many of the 10 questions about your company as possible. I shall greatly look forward to working with you. Visit my page and learn lots more. Ste-B2B/Copy/  Many thanks, Vicky:                          

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