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B2B-Ste: Meet Our Senior Admin Team

All About Us

B2B-Ste have roots in eCommerce, B2B and internet marketing solutions since 2008. Or, for more than 12 years now. We are a renowned global lead generation, white label reseller agency. Many other B2B and eCommerce solutions agencies outsource to us; along with almost countless freelancers.

1,000-2,000+ Daily Visitors

B2B-Ste typically generates 1,000-2,000+ daily visitors. We have also amassed more than 30,000 verified and active members. During January 7th 2020, B2B-Ste generated over 4,020 visitors for this particular day,

During April 17th 2020, we managed to accumulate over 270 visitors online together. This is a very small wonder, with our B2B Solutions Global Price-Beater Promises.

My name's Ste Blaney and I'm an Onsite + Offsite SEO Webmaster and Internet Marketing Consultant, since 2008. I'm also a domain registrar; web host; web designer/developer; copywriter; drop shipper.

I truly need to understand all of our team's vocational roles, or I could never provide our teams with duties or sometimes needed support. You can meet our Senior Admin Team below. Each has published text profile of their B2B-Ste duties, with a selfie-pic of themselves.

Hi again, I'm 56yo Ste-B/Himself. I'm a domain registrar; web host; web designer/developer; copywriter; drop shipper; SEO and an avid internet marketing consultant. My days are spent at B2B-Ste directing our teams. My adopted 23yo daughter Erica also works with us. I'm also getting married to Vicky James of our Senior Admin Team next Summer. My wife passed-away following an asthma attack during 2008. I am since now fully focused, totally positive and happy again. I sometimes host our B2B-Ste Live Chat Support. I am the original founder and owner of our B2B-Ste - I'm also the original founder and owner of Ste-B2B Agency. Email me for support or even just to say a very friendly and warm 'Hello:'          

Hi there, I'm 29yo Kelly Diaz. I have worked for Ste-B since I was 17 in 2008. Or for over 12years. I'm now an Onsite/Offsite SEO and internet marketing consultant. Ste-B's wife was a very dear friend of mine. She was only aged 32 when she passed away. Stephen is now happy again thankfully and he is getting married to Vicky James of our Senior Admin Team, next year. I first came to work with Ste to help him out to manage his first B2B Agency in 2008. We also manage Ste-B2B Agency, which includes creating, publishing and issuing Onsite and Offsite SEO reports. You could email me anytime or chat with me whenever I'm Live Chat Support Host:    

Hey-Ya, I'm 33yo Vicky James. I joined B2B-Ste General Admin Team during 2015. I joined our Senior Admin Team during 2017. I'm B2B-Ste's main copywriter. There's more about me on our B2B-Ste/Copy/ web page. I also carry out other duties here, like processing orders and hosting Live Chat Support. I am also the highly devoted Girlfriend of 56 yo Ste-B/Himself. We plan to get married together during the Summer of 2021. We are then going to spend a total of 3months in beautiful sun-drenched Australia on our honeymoon. Ste-B/Himself is a really wonderful guy and never suffers any negative emotions. We have lived together currently for the past 18months - I can always be contacted at our corporate email address:

Hi All, I'm 23yo Erica Blaney, being the adopted daughter of Ste-B. I have lived with Ste-B and his family since I was just 2yo. My adopted 'Mum' passed-way suddenly following a fatal asthma attack during 2008. I joined the B2B-Ste Senior Admin Team during 2015. I began with the company in 2013 when I was just aged 16. I owe my 'Dad' so very much indeed, for taking myself into his home and providing continuous and unconditional love and support for all of these 21years. I'm also very fortunate how we are wealthy. My duties for B2B-Ste include the creating, publishing and issuing of Onsite + Offsite SEO Reports to our many veterans and many new clients. Email Me with any of your Onsite or Offsite SEO Support Queries you may have:    

Hello Dear, I'm Isabella Carter aged 27. I'm known to my family, friends, colleagues and now yourself as Issie. I'm also an Onsite and Offsite Consultant SEO, just like Ste-B and Kelly Diaz of our Senior Admin Team. I love working here as it's an extremely calm and very calmly relaxed atmosphere here. No 2-days are ever the same and we have music playing in the background of our Vicar Road Office, as we all work. All of our Senior Admin Team interact socially both in and outside of work. I love all of my work friends and I'm happiest mostly whenever I'm working hard for our B2B Agencies Message me and say 'Hi:'

Hello, I'm Sarah Collins and our youngest Senior Admin Team Member at just aged 22. I really cheated to get to our Senior Admin Team. I was only invited to join for Ste-B's adopted daughter Erica is my very best friend. Erica also got me hired by her Dad. My daily duties for B2B-Ste and Ste-B2B Agencies, include managing and processing orders. I also occasionally also host Live Chat Support. Before I was hired by Ste-B I worked in a pet store. I feel very fortunate to work here as we are a really happy bunch of colleagues together. Each day that I work seems to me to be a complete and total adventure into the unknown. Email me or catch me next time I'm our Live Chat Support host:   

Hiya, I'm 28-year old Sherena Begum, I was first hired by Ste-B in 2010. I joined our Senior Admin Team during 2014. From 2010-2013 Ste-B sponsored me to go to university to study to become a WordPress CMS web consultant. I now create sites for our clients and the agencies and eCommerce sites which we manage. I was born in Bangladesh although I was educated from 4 years old in the UK. It's funny really as I can fully remember my 4th birthday. although I can't remember my Birthday taking place in BD. I have been very fortunate which I do really appreciate. I always dream of a mature businessman whisking me off my feet and taking me to see the world. Please Email Me:   sherena@b2b-ste,net

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